Saturday, March 28, 2009

Room at the Inn

Our church has a ministry called Room at the Inn. This ministry goes to the Nasvhille Rescue Mission picks up 8 to 10 people and brings them back to the church. They get there about 6:30, wash up, and then have dinner. After dinner there is a devotional time and then they have some free time. There is also cards to write to family or friends and the can use the phone if they want. They can play games, watch TV, or just hang out and talk. The next morning some people at the church make breakfast and provide them with a lunch to take with them. There is also a clothes closet where they can get some things they need.

This past Monday our Sunday school class helped with this ministry. It was such an awesome thing to see so many people come out and volunteer their time during the week. We have a great group of people in our class. Terri made meatloaf and Sharon made banana pudding that were awesome. We also had mac and cheese, green beans, and creamed corn. There was tea, lemonade, and coffee. I think our class did a great job. A few of us brought our kids and one of the people said they had never seen kids there and it felt like a family picnic. I am thankful for a church that cares about people and a class that does as well. Thanks guys for doing such a good job.

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