Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Since We Last Met...

...we've moved all furniture in (except a chair at the Teller's and some odds and ends at the Hood's and Bryant's); we built and hung the top cabinets, laid tile in the laundry room; put up our Christmas tree; and moved ourselves in. As you can tell we've been sort of busy. Below are two pictures of what the cabinets looked like this morning before we left for work. Today the counter tops are being installed, so I am sure the kitchen will look a lot different when I update again. We are really nearing the end of the major remodel/renovation. There are a few other things we want/need to do, but nothing to the extent of what we've done already. Hopefully in the near future I will do a series of before and after posts.

All bottom cabinets have been finished and the tops have been primed. We'll begin doors and drawers soon