Friday, March 6, 2009

Heading to Huntsville

During the Spring each or our stores takes their annual physical inventory. Each store has to have someone that does not work in the store come and observe the inventory count. This is a requirement by our external auditors. I work in Retail Financial Services and we offer to help with the observation process. Last year I went to Knoxville and observed one of our two stores there and got to visit with some friends while I was there. This year I was given a list of stores to choose from and neither Knoxville nor Lexington, the two places we have lived, was available. I chose Huntsville for a couple of reasons. The first was because it was within driving distance. I was trying to be a good steward of LifeWay’s resources and going to a store within driving distance is much cheaper than flying. The second reason is because I teach Sunday school. Most of you know I co-teach with another guy. March is his month to teach so I did not have to ask him to cover for me. The most unfortunate thing, other than being away from Allison and Cooper, is that I will have to miss church this week. The inventory process lasts from about 6 pm until 2 am on Saturday and then from about 1 pm until 6 pm on Sunday. Because the store is out of town, I will be staying the night in Huntsville and won’t be back for church Sunday morning. Fortunately, I can download the podcast of the message from Sunday and listen to the first message of the new series by our pastor. That is pretty much going to be my weekend in a nutshell. Anyone doing anything fun this weekend?


Jennifer said...

Hey Jeremy..the Eckleys are in Huntsville!! Hope you have a great trip!

William Dunigan said...
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