Wednesday, June 24, 2009

More Cooperisms and an Answer to a Question: Part 1

One of the most rewarding and enjoyable things with Cooper has been to sit and see how his 2 year old mind works. Most of the time you can tell he is thinking about something. Whether it is trying to figure out how to put together a puzzle or figure out what we are talking about, you can always see his little mind at work. Allison had a post about a week ago about some of the things Cooper said recently, and I wanted to add some more things he has done since then.

Yesterday we had to take our Highlander to Car Max to have the oil changed and a few other things checked. This was our conversation as we approached the building:
Cooper: What's that building?
Me: Home Depot.
C: Is that where Mommy went? (Allison had gone to Home Depot on Sunday while she was out)
M: Yes, but not that one. She went to the one by our house
C: What's that?
M: Car Max. That's where we are taking our car to get the oil changed.
C: No, we're taking our truck.
(pulling into the parking lot)
C: Where's Matt, he's going to fix our truck. Apparently he thought Car Max (Matt) was a person. He also asked where Matt was as we were pulling in to pick the Highlander up that afternoon.

This morning we took the Highlander to Bennett's Automotive in Smyrna to have the brakes worked on. As we pulled in the parking lot Cooper saw a guy in the parking lot. When he saw him he asked "Is Matt going to fix our car?" We couldn't stop laughing! More to come in a day or so.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Welcome Back to Omaha

I have been a sports fan for as long as I can remember. When I was a kid I probably watched pro baseball games at least 5 days a week. I didn't generally watch complete games, but I was always watching. As I have gotten older I watch more football than baseball, but there is one event that I always try to watch as much as I can--The College World Series. I am always amazed at how good the players are. Similar to college football, there is almost always lots of excitement in college baseball. Maybe it's my connection to baseball in general, maybe it's the sound of the bat, or maybe it's a combination of everything that goes into each game, but I love it each June when the eight teams converge onto Rosenblatt Stadium.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

What Do They Do the Rest of the Summer?

Today Allison, Cooper, and I went to watch our niece, Natalie, play baseball. Earlier in the week Allison told me that we needed to go this week because it was her last regular season game. One June 13?!? When I played as a kid, we were only half way through the regular season at the beginning of June. Playing baseball was a major part of my summer. As a kid we didn't take vacations because there was a chance that we would have to go out of town for a baseball tournament--in August. Also, they only played 10 games. Now I think that playing 50 or 60 games in one summer is excessive, but 10? I just wonder why there are so few games and why they are finished before the end of June. I would have driven my mom crazy if 2 weeks after school let out for the summer baseball was over. Natalie's league isn't the only one that is this way. I have heard/read other people whose children are finished with baseball already too. Granted, she is not playing on an elite travel team, but neither did I. Does anyone know why many leagues are finished before the end of June and why the only play 10 games? Just curious.