Saturday, March 14, 2009

Lesson in Accountability

I learned a great lesson in accountability yesterday. As I talked a few days ago, I had a 9 mile run planned for Saturday morning. As I checked the weather forecast throughout the day Friday, what I was seeing was not that promising. The first forecast I saw was 70% chance of rain and 35 degrees at 7:30 (the time we were planning on starting). As the day and night went on, the chance of rain moved up to 80%, but the temperature was moved up to 42 degrees from 7:00 to 9:00. I was convinced there was no way we were going to attempt the run.

When I got up yesterday morning it was raining. It wasn't pouring, but it was definitely raining. I sent a text to my friend that I was running with asking if he was planning to run and he said he was. Our plan was to run on the greenway in Murfreesboro and I knew that he had either left already or was about to. As I read the text I was tempted to send him another one that said I was going to skip the run today and do it Sunday when the weather was supposed to be considerably better. Then I think God spoke to me and told me that I needed to be accountable to my friend since I told him yesterday I would run unless it was pouring rain.

I think accountability is not something that we, as Americans, do very well. When divorce rate is as high as it is and abortions are readily available, we are not being held accountable for our actions. I am fortunate that I have someone that I have that holds me accountable. He may not know it, but he definitely does. Another way that I am held accountable is through Twitter. I don't have a lot of followers on Twitter, but I have several that I know pay attention the my Tweets. Because of this, I definitely feel accountable to them. One example is my exercise routine. One person that follows me is someone who is very conscientious of fitness. There has been more than one time that I have Tweeted that I was considering not going to the gym and he sent me a message telling me to do otherwise. I am very thankful for him being there to make me accountable.

In what ways are you held accountable?

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