Friday, March 13, 2009

Music City Marathon

As many of you know and as I talked about here, I used to hate running. I grew up thinking that running was just something you did as punishment. Over the past several years I have really grown to enjoy it. I started running 5k races about five years ago and I still really enjoy running them. Well, this coming April I am going to attempt my first half marathon. I am going to do the one here in Nashville, which is on April 25. I have started training for two others in the past, the Country Music Half last April and the Middle Half in Murfreesboro last October. Both times, however, when I got to about 6 miles I felt a really sharp pain in one or both of my knees. Not really surprised by this, each time I felt the bad pain I just shut down my training. Starting about 2 months ago I began moving up my long runs little by little. By doing it this way, I have felt very little pain and have been able to keep a pace that I have set as a goal for the race. Tomorrow I am running 9 miles and if I am able to keep up my expected pace and my knees do not have a lot of pain, I am going to sign up for the Music City Half Marathon. Hopefully the next time I write about this I will be talking about how my training is going in hopes of running the race in less than 2 months. Is anyone else planning to run the Music City Half Marathon?

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Allison Bussell said...

I am so proud of you Bud!!