Friday, July 24, 2009

Funny Stuff

For whatever reason, Cooper has recently decided he doesn't want to smile for the camera. Last weekend I tried to take some pictures of him when we were out on the deck and he simply refused to smile. Tonight I got a few of him smiling. I think the main reason was because he loves pizza so much. I also got this video of him. He had been watching Veggie Tales and one of the episodes a gourd dances and he really likes it. I took two videos. One has the Veggie Tales singing in the background. It is the better video, but it is so long it won't upload. The other he said "Hey watch this. I can dance like the Veggie Tales and I got it on video. Enjoy!

Cooper and Buford, fast friends

He loves his pizza!

I guess he was too busy to smile for the camera.

What can I say, the boy's got moves!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Amazing Progress

On Thursday afternoon when I picked Cooper up he was in a swimmer diaper. I told Allison when I picked her up and she asked Cooper if he went to the potty. He replied, "Yes, Ms. Neesha took me." Because Ms. Neesha is not his teacher, we didn't really believe him. On Friday we took Cooper to day-care in diapers. We asked Ms. Neesha about his diaper from the day before and she told us that she had, in fact, taken him several times and that he didn't pee in a diaper from about 10:30 through the rest of the day. Well, when I picked him up on Friday I asked his teacher if he went to the potty during the day. She shook her head no and gave this face like, "Are you kidding me?"

When he and I got up Saturday morning I decided to try him in a underwear. After about 30 minutes he ran into the kitchen where I was and said "I pee peed in the floor." I was a little discouraged, but notice that it was a very small amount. I took him in the bathroom and asked him to try and get the rest of the pee pees out. After about 15 seconds he squealed with delight as he pee peed in his little potty. So, of course, we handed out jelly beans, put on clean underwear, and started hoping for the best. After about 20 minutes, he said "I have to pee pee." He ran into the bathroom and did it all by himself. We were so excited. For the rest of the day, with the exception of a trip to Target and the grocery store, he went in the bathroom without any accidents. He did very well Sunday, and hasn't had any pee pee accidents at school yet either. We couldn't be more proud of the progress he has made. He definitely decided on his own, and most of the time now he doesn't even want me or Allison to come in the bathroom while he is in there. He is getting to be such a big boy.

Friday, July 3, 2009

More Cooperisms and an Answer to a Question - Part 2

Last week I posted about some of the funny things Cooper has been saying. Since then I have been e-mailing myself as he says other things in order to do two things: 1)Have a record of the funny things he does and 2) Post them here to share.

Cooper recently moved to a new class at day-care. In the class, there is a little boy named Jeffrey. He is a little older than Cooper, so he is generally in the class for a while and then moves up before it is time for Cooper to move up. The other day Cooper was talking about Jeffrey. I asked him if Jeffrey was his friend and this was his response. "Yeah, and Jeffrey's parents look cool."

A few days before that we were getting ready for work and Cooper was up and playing in our bathroom. He put on a pair of Allison's sandals and was walking around our bedroom and the bathroom. He stumbled, kicked them off, and said "Those are not cool!" Apparently Allison and/or I say the word cool quite a bit and he has picked up on it.

Tuesday of this week we ate dinner with our good friends, The Tidwells. Cooper loves to be with Nick and Kristin. We were at Snappy Tomato and had a table that has a booth on one side and chairs on the other side. Allison and Cooper were sitting on the booth side. Kristin and I had not sat down yet and Cooper looked up. He said, "Sit with me Kristin." She looked at me as though to say, "What do I do?" Cooper then said, "Here's some room," in the sweetest little voice. Kristin, obviously, couldn't resist that. He really is a sweet little boy.

One day last week we were driving downtown, on our way home from work. A small shuttle bus from Christie's Cabaret passed in front of us. If you haven't seen one, the shuttle has several women on it. Cooper saw it as said, "What's that truck about?" I couldn't stop laughing. It is so amazing how perceptive their little minds are, as he clearly knew that was out of the ordinary. Allison, in her mommy wisdom said, "It's about the girls," and Cooper apparently was satisfied with that answer.

I am always amazed at his little mind and how much he is listening and soaks things up from the world around him. I will continue to write these down and post them here from time to time.