Sunday, November 25, 2007

Bedtime Routine and the Sweetest Sound

We are believers in a routine for Cooper. I am sure that any of you that know us at all are not shocked by this. After dinner we typically will play for a bit with Cooper and then give him a bath. Recently he has really started to enjoy playing in the bathtub. Tonight I was giving Cooper a bath and Alli suggested letting him play with the bathtub crayons that his Big Daddy gave him. He really enjoyed writing on the walls.

After his bath we put his pj's on and Alli typically reads a book or two to him. Tonight I was sitting in the living room wasting time as she read to him and I started listening to the two of them through the monitor that is in our living room. Alli read the pages of the book to him and was telling him what each item was on the page. He then, in his own language, seemed to be telling her what was on each page. I just love to sit back and watch the two of them interact. Alli is the best mommy that Cooper could have. I don't know where he and I would be with out her. We love you Smalls. Until next time...

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