Saturday, November 24, 2007

Thanksgiving, Old Friends, and One Exciting Ball Game

Well let's start with Thanksgiving. Just thinking back on Thanksgiving '07 makes me start to stress out. We started with lunch at Alli's grandparents house at 1:00, followed by "late lunch" at my mom's house at 3:00 (unless you consider the fact that my aunt was an hour late, and that makes it 4:00), followed by dinner at Alli's aunt Beverly's house. Each stop was good, but when you put them all together it was a 10 1/2 hour day away from home that has us re-considering what we are going to do for Christmas as well as Thanksgivings in the future.

On Friday Alli, Cooper, and me met an old friend and his wife for lunch. I started playing baseball with Lamont Hartman when I was 11 years old as well as going to middle and the first year of high school with him. After we moved to La Vergne, Lamont and I didn't really hang out a lot. It was so good to see him as well as meet his wife Nancy. They live in D.C. where Lamont is a Young Adult Minister. Lamont's path to being in this position is truly a blessing and a great testimony. I was so blessed to hear about it and reconnect with him. I can't wait to see what the Lord has for the two of them as well as our relationship.

Today the three of us went to our friend's house to watch the Tennessee game. What an amazing game. At one point after during one of the overtimes Alli, me, Brian, and Marney were all screaming at the TV, I was holding Cooper under one arm as if he was a football, and Brian and Marney's son Will was crying in the floor because all the screaming scared him. All was okay and Tennessee will play Saturday for the SEC championship. Six weeks ago as they were throttled by Alabama who would have thought that Tennessee would play in the SEC title game. Apparently my friend Nick, because he told me after that game, "Tennessee is going to win out and make it to Atlanta." I am not convinced that he believed what he was saying, but he said it none the less.

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