Sunday, November 11, 2007

Great Weekend

As I have gotten older I realize that it doesn't take doing a lot to have a great weekend. This weekend started with me, Alli, and Cooper going to eat dinner with Steve, Terry, Munna, and Ninny. After we got home we watched Tennessee throttle Temple in the first regular season game in the rennovated Thompson-Boling Arena.

On Saturday Alli was a volunteer judge at the MTSU Mock Trial tournament. It is good for her to go back and help out a program that helped her while in college. While she was gone Cooper and I had some Cooper & Papa time. I love watching him move around the house with his little inquisitive looks. We played with toys, went on a walk around the neighborhood, played with more toys and, read some books. After Alli got home Cooper took a nap and we watched Tennessee smack Arkansas in the face. The Tennessee defense played possibly their best game of the year and came through with a huge win. Saturday night we went to eat at Pei Wei with Nick and Kristin and ran a few errands in Murfreesboro. After that we came back to our house and played password for a little while. Allison and Kristin dominated me and Nick, but the we changed partners and me and Alli were able to beat Nick and Kristin. That was the first time we had ever played couples against each other, we usually play guys against girls.

Today we got up and Alli didn't feel well. So me and Cooper ate breakfast, went to fill the car up with gas, and then we stopped by Kroger to get some Aleve to try and help Alli feel better. After she got up we got ready and went to Sunday school. We love our church and Sunday school class so much. We are so blessed to have the opportunity to worship God at such a wonderful place. Now we are both sitting here in the living room relaxing.

Now that's a great weekend! Until next time...

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