Sunday, November 18, 2007


What a weekend. We had such a full weekend. Although it was full, it was so great. Cooper's birthday was Saturday and we had a birthday party. Thanks to all those who were able to make it, especially to those that were able to help with food, cleanup, and everything else you guys helped with. We had a great time and Cooper got so many nice gifts. Along with a great party, Cooper started walking. He had taken a few steps over the last week or so, but he walked between pieces of furniture on his birthday. Allison and I both did the same thing on our first birthday. Today we went to church. Cooper did much better in the nursery. He made it the entire time and the teacher said that he was happy about 75% of the time. After Sunday school we went to a joint baby shower for two couples in our class, the Millers and the Coopers. After that we came home and have been enjoying what was left of the weekend. Me, Alli, and Cooper played with some of his new toys. He really likes them and although he was really tired, he cried to stay up and continue playing. Thanks again to everyone that made this weekend so special to us. Here are some of the pictures for the party. Until next time...

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