Saturday, December 22, 2007

Doesn't this sound appealing?

This morning, bright and early, I took Cooper for the third of three doctor visits and shots this week. Today we saw a different doctor that his normal doctor. She looked at his left ear (supposedly the "good" ear) and said "is this supposed to be his good ear?" I knew then that things were not looking any better. She said that both ears are still infected. She told me that apparently the germs he has picked up very resistant to the three oral antibiotics as well as the shots he has gotten. She gave us another prescription and said it is very cheap and generally works because it tastes really bad and no kids will typically take it. When the nurse checked to see if Cooper had a reaction to the shot she handed me the prescription with an odd look on her face. She said "This stuff tastes really bad. My eight year old had an infection and this is what they gave him. He said 'I can't mommy, I can't, I might throw up. I will just stay sick.' It tastes very fishy." Then I get to the pharmacy and give them the prescription and ask to get it flavored. The pharmacy tech says, "yeah, you want to get this stuff flavored. It smells like hot rotting garbage." Now isn't that just the thing you want to be giving your 13 month old? Until next time...

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