Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Cheer

As many of you know, Allison has a "matching tree." All of the ornaments are red, white, or silver. Many times I have been told no when trying to purchase an ornament that didn't match. This year is an exception. I didn't get to buy the "Ralphie in a Bunny Suit" onament from Kohls that I wanted, but there is one ornament that I put there.

I am proud to say that the blue ornament has been hanging since the day we put up the tree. It has had different homes on the tree, mostly because Allison found its first spot (right in front of the door) and moved it to the back. It then had a home on the other side sort of facing the living room. As a side note, all of Allison's gifts from me or Cooper are wrapped in paper that doesn't match either. Yeah that's right, our wrapping paper also matches the tree. I just wanted to share my small story of the Christmas ornament and wrapping paper. I hope any of you reading this have a Merry Christmas and thanks Alli for being a good sport and at least acting like you thought it was funny. Until next time...

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Ashley said...

I'm loving your ornament that doesn't go with the tree decor! I personally love mismatched ornament trees though - that's how the tree was at our house this year, full of all of the fun (and some tacky and weird) ornaments we've collected and been given.