Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving Weekend

Whew! It is Sunday afternoon and I feel like this is the first time I have sat down since Wednesday when we left work. We have had a great weekend with family and friends.

Wednesday we left work early and went to Cooper's daycare for their annual "vegetable soup and cornbread" lunch for Thanksgiving. We enjoyed the soup and had a good time. My aunt, uncle, and cousin were in town from Oklahoma, so we went over to my mom's house to visit for a while. After that, we went home and Allison started worked on some of the food that she was preparing for the various places that we were to attend for Thanksgiving on Thursday.

Thursday morning we got up early and ran in The Boulevard Bolt. It is a five-mile race that benefits the homeless of Nashville. If you are a runner, and have never ran this race before, you should check it out. We had a great time and both of us finished about 2 minutes faster than our goal. I think this may become our new Thanksgiving Day tradition. We left there and came home to get ready for the day. While Allison finished cooking, Cooper and I watched the Thanksgiving Day parade. Because we have not let Cooper watch television, this was the first time we have actually sat Cooper down with the intention of him to watch something. He was so excited about all of the horses that were in the parade. Since Thursday, every time he walks by the t.v. he asks me to turn on the horses. Then we left for various stops along our Thanksgiving route. We went to Allison's grandparent's house at 1 p.m., and ate food. We left there and went to my mom's house at 3 p.m., and ate food. After that, we went to Allison's aunt's house at 6 p.m., and ate food. Although it is a lot of traveling, we always have a very good time.

Do you have any unique Thanksgiving Day traditions?

After The Bolt.

Cooper enjoying the Thanksgiving Day Parade

Cooper and my brother at my mom's on Thanksgiving Day

Cooper and Allison's uncle George on Thanksgiving Day

We got out the Wii and Allison's cousins were racing

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