Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Is This 2008 or 1958

Yesterday the people of The United States voted in the first black President. All things being equal, this is a very good thing for our country. Did I vote for him? No, but almost 64 million people did. No matter who won the election last night there was going to be a major hurdle jumped for this country. If Senator McCain would have won it would have been the first time a woman would have served as Vice President of the United States and because Barack Obama won, we will have the first black president.

However, I am sad tonight because of a text message I received. I received a very derogatory text message having to do with race. I was shocked when I got the text message. Not because of the nature of it, I know racism is still out there, lots of it. I was shocked because of the person that sent it to me. I received it from someone I would never have expected that from. Someone who I can not recall ever hearing a racist comment come out of their mouth. Someone that I have seen treat children of other races as though they were their own child.

I think what I realized today when I received that text message is that people don't like change. When something happens that they are not used to they react in ways that are non-conventional. Do I agree with Barack Obama's politics, no. Do I respect him, absolutely. Unfortunately, there are still a number of people that do not seem to respect people of a different color, and that's really, really sad. If I received a text message from this person, I can't begin to imagine the amount of hatred and bigotry that is out there.

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