Friday, November 21, 2008

Deer Season

Apparently gun season for deer opened today. That could very well be false, I don't know because I am not a hunter. However, deer season opened for the Bussell family last night. We were on our way to some friend's house for dinner when a deer crossed one lane of traffic and almost made it past us. Unfortunately, for the deer and my truck, we hit the deer. There is some damage to the front end and some to the driver's side. The great news is that we are all okay. Cooper was very scared at first but he calmed down.

I think the worst part about the whole thing was the wait. We hit the deer at about 6:00 pm and we didn't actually leave to take the truck away until about 8:00. On top of that, it was very cold. We sat for about an hour as cars drove by and just looked at us. There was one man that stopped twice and offered for us to come to his house until the tow truck arrived. Just as he offered, some of our friends arrived. Thankfully we had friends that helped a lot as well as others that offered. The Joyces came and let Allison and Cooper sit in their car as well as helped me deal with AAA and the tow truck. The Thomases brought their Jeep over and let us borrow it until we get things worked out. Thanks so much guys for your help.

On the way home my friend told me that his wife heard on the radio that this weekend is the biggest weekend for deer movement. I guess that explains it, but unfortunately that doesn't fix my car.

Have you ever hit a deer or has a deer ever hit you?

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Ashley said...

Jeremy- I'm so glad y'all are okay. I've never hit a deer, but some friends of mine did in college. They were in an accord or camry or something like that and it TOTALED their car. Be glad the Highlander sits a little higher up!
Have a good Thanksgiving!