Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Hello Mr. Blue, Good to See You Again!

Because our weekend was so busy, my brother met me to pick up a Christmas tree and Allison stayed home while Cooper took a nap. We go the tree up and put the lights on, but decided to wait until Monday night to decorate it. Cooper was so excited. He asked Allison to let him put a few ornaments on while I was at family group. Monday morning, when I woke Cooper up, the first thing he said was, "Can we put the ornaments on?" Then Monday evening when I picked him up that was the first thing he asked me again. When we finished dinner Monday night we decorated the tree. It was so much fun. Cooper was so excited to bring the ornaments in the living room and to start putting them on the tree. The tree is probably about 9 feet tall, so needless to say, Cooper needed a step stool to put most of the ornaments on. We had to ensure that we moved it often because at one time I looked over and he had 4 or 5 ornaments on the same branch.

Also, Ole Mr. Blue Ornament made his way back on the tree this year. For those that have read this blog for more than a year know that Allison has a "red" Christmas tree. I did, however, manage to get a blue ornament on the tree last year and the year before. I think now she just accepts it and doesn't even acknowledge my quest.

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