Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas - Week in Review

Last week Allison and I were off work all week. It was a great week spending time with family as well as just hanging out at home, just the three of us. The first few days of the week we finished up our Christmas shopping. I had done about half of what I wanted to do, so I finished that up. Allison had some to finish as well and we did some shopping as a family. On Wednesday we had lunch with our niece and her mom. We don't see them very often, so we were excited to see them both. I am amazed at how big Natalie is getting. Christmas Eve we gather with my mom's family as well as Allison's dad's family. We had a good time at both places and Cooper really enjoyed opening presents (his and other people's). Christmas Day we do not usually leave our house. We spend Christmas morning together as a family and in the afternoon Allison's mom's family. That was a lot of fun. There were some of her family there that we had not seen in a long time. There are now many kids running around with one more on the way. I loved watching the kids run around playing! The day after Christmas the three of us got out and did a little shopping. Allison always likes to get out of the house the day after Christmas and other than the traffic at Opry Mills, it was fun to get out. Sunday we took down all Christmas decorations and tried to get ready to go back to work. We had another short week and our friends, the Omohundros, are coming in from Lexington today. We are excited to see them and spend some time with them.

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