Saturday, December 19, 2009

Handgun Safety

Today Allison and I did something that I would never have thought we would do in a million years--we took a handgun safety class together. It was so much fun. Allison was co-counsel the guy who is an instructor at Personal Responsibility, Inc. He told Allison that if she was going to defend police officers then she needed to at least know how to handle a pistol. We left early this morning and made the drive to Nunnely, TN for the class that started at 7:30. After about 4 hours in the "classroom" and a test that allows us to get a permit to carry a concealed weapon, we went to the shooting range for about 4 hours. This was when I thought Allison may get nervous. Each time the instructors would take their pistol out for demonstration in the classroom I could tell her tension level rose a little. When we got to the range, however, it did not appear that she was nervous at all. She did great.

Now I have to admit, I am a total city boy. Most of this know that already. I thought that once we started using live rounds I may get a little nervous. I actually never got nervous and loved every minute of it. I still don't think Allison will let me get a gun, but I think I would really enjoy learning more about handling a pistol and going to the gun range to shoot. We probably shot about 130 rounds each and qualified to get a handgun carry permit. I don't know that either of us will ever get the permit, but it was a ton of fun. Thanks again to John for inviting us out and providing so much for us. And thanks to all of the instructors at PRI, you guys were great.

If anyone is looking for a firearms training I would definitely recommend these guys. They were awesome and provided so much help to Allison and I. Allison had not ever shot a gun before and I had not shot one in many, many years. They offer classes from the basic handgun class we took on up to much more advanced handgun and shoulder fired firearms. If you are interested go to their website,, for more information.

This is a picture of Alli at the range. I never imagined I would see her with a pistol on her side.

Here are our targets. I will let you decide which one belongs to me and to Alli.

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