Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Book Review Bloggers

I read the blog of Michael Hyatt, president and CEO of Thomas Nelson. Today's post is about a new program they are starting called "Thomas Nelson Book Review Bloggers" (BRB). It is a program where they will mail you a copy of one their new books, free of charge, in exchange for a 200-word review of the book on your blog as well as at You can go here to get details about the program as well as sign up. I think this is a great idea. According to Mr. Hyatt's post today, as well as comments made on the blog, the cost of doing this could be as little as 10% of a typical marketing campaign for one of their books. I think this is a win/win for Thomas Nelson as well as the reader/reviewers. The reader gets a free book and Thomas Nelson gets advertising as well as great feedback from someone who is, essentially, an unbiased third party. If you are a reader and a blogger I would definitely suggest taking advantage of this program.

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