Sunday, February 15, 2009

Rex - A Book Review

Live by faith, not by sight. If I could sum up Rex, by Cathleen Lewis that is how I would do it. This is a book by an incredible woman who is raising an incredible son. Rex was born blind and through some unfortunate circumstances became autistic at a very young age. However, through a gift from his father for his second birthday, Rex began what would lead to the discovery that he is a musical savant. This book is an incredible story of a parent and her life raising a child that has blindness, autism, and genius all wrapped into one little boy. Through this child she was able to begin a relationship with God as well as see that relationship grow.

The book details many of the thoughts and feelings that Ms. Lewis has had during Rex’s life. She describes many of the struggles as well as opportunities that she has experienced due to Rex’s extraordinary disability as well as his extraordinary ability.

I would recommend this book to anyone, especially those with a handicapped child. It is a great story of faith, struggle, and perseverance. Ms. Lewis takes you on the amazing journey that she is on with Rex. I loved her ability to take you inside her world and show you not only Rex’s amazing talent, but also the ability to be open and honest about the struggles as well. Definitely a book worth reading and you can get it here.

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