Thursday, February 5, 2009

Lead Like Jesus and Other Good Quotes

In an earlier post I talked about a devotional I got as a Christmas gift. This week there were back-to-back days that really spoke to me. One of the days said that true success is all about our relationship with Christ and how much control of our life we let Him have. There are so many times when I think "If I just try a little harder I can [insert my version of success]." I wonder what it would be like to REALLY turn everything over to Him and see what success can be like.

The next day was based on Romans 8:5-6. The quote that struck me was "If you live a life that is not devoted to pleasing God, and don't give Him control, your focus will be inward and focused on self or ego." As someone who aspires to lead people, both inside and outside of church, it is easy to get wrapped up in what you have or haven't done. It can easily become about me.

I also read a great blog post by Mark Batterson. The post was excellent. I love this quote: "I'd rather have one God idea than a 1,000 good ideas." We have a great friend from Baton Rouge that once asked us the question "Is it a good thing or a God thing?" That has stuck with me and I think about it often.

These are all great ideas and great quotes. The problem is too often I don't put these ideas into action. My prayer tonight is that I will give God complete control and He will lead me while I lead my life as well as while I lead others. And who knows, maybe I will be still long enough to hear a God idea and use it to further His kingdom.

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Ashley said...

Good words Jeremy (esp from your friend from Baton Rouge! Just kidding - totally kidding - I don't remember that conversation), thanks so much for sharing. I need to be brave enough to ask myself the same things, I think we all do.