Thursday, January 15, 2009

For These Tough Times - A Book Review

I received a copy of Max Lucado’s book For these Tough Times recently. It is a very short book, but in the pages there is a great message. The message is: if we rely on God, we can get through tough times that may appear as though we can’t make it through. Max Lucado uses a phrase in the book that I think sums it up: “God is for us.”

Currently in the United States there are many people going through really tough times. This book is perfect for them. There are also many people in the United States that are not going through any tougher times than they were two years ago. This book is perfect for them also. In my opinion, this book can be great to pick you up in times you need just a little bit of guidance or a little bit of encouragement. This book is short and to the point. God is for us and we just need to rely on Him.

For these Tough Times is a very quick read with a very powerful message. This book is definitely worth the small amount of time it takes to read it and I definitely recommend it. Get your copy here today.

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