Saturday, August 2, 2008

SEC Football

Once again, the SEC appears to be ready to dominate the college football scene. I know it is a preseason poll, but the coaches poll is out and there are 3 SEC teams in the top 6, and 5 in the top 25. We are only 26 days from the first Thursday night games, and 30 days from FOOTBALL TIME IN TENNESSEE!


Ashley said...

We're ready for football season too - Jeff and I were just commenting this weekend that we are finally to August, the same month that LSU's first game is in!
I thought about you yesterday evening b/c there was a story on 60 minutes about the Redsox baseball team, if you didn't catch it, it was interesting, you should look it up to see if it's online.
Wear some orange for us . . .

Josh and Melanie said...

WHAT??? no Vanderbilt on that list at all? I'm SHOCKED!