Thursday, August 7, 2008

Name Association

Tonight after dinner we were talking to Amy, my cousin, and getting Cooper to identify things, and say whatever random things we thought of. Cooper heard a mower outside and thought it was an airplane. I told him that it was a mower like uncle Jared has. He started saying "Uncle Jared, Uncle Jared," so we asked "Who lives with uncle Jared?"
C: "Uncle Jared."
Us: "No Cooper, who is uncle Jared married to?" Obviously 20 month olds know what marriage is, right?
C: "Uncle Jared."
U: "Cooper, Jared and..."
C: "BeBe!" We thought that was kinda cool so we asked more.
U: "Neecie and..."
C: "Tony!"
U: "Mammy and..."
C: "Pappy!"
U: "Emily and..."
C: "Tony!" We told him that was sort of right, since she is his kid and she lives with him. Anyway, it was a really fun game and we never would have guessed that Cooper could associate all those people with one another.

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