Wednesday, July 2, 2008

First Fat Lip

Well tonight Cooper got his first fat lip. I am positive that it won't be his last. It hurts me too because I was the one holding his hand when he fell. We went to eat dinner with our good friends the Tidwells at the Catfish Place. Cooper and I were walking across the parking lot when he stumbled. His hand slipped out of mine and he fell face first on the pavement. When I picked him up the outside of his mouth had little pieces of gravel and that's when I knew that it was not going to be pretty. The inside of his lip was busted and after about a minute his nose started bleeding. I felt horrible and Allison was really scared at the sight of his nose bleeding. I went and got him a popsicle because he wouldn't let us keep ice on it and he seemed to feel better throughout dinner. I still feel bad. Until next time...

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