Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Search Ends

Monday night me, Allison, and Cooper went to eat at Cracker Barrel with my mom, dad, Jared, and Charis. We had a good time. We were eating our food when my phone rang and I noticed Jason's name. As I started to answer the phone I thought, "I bet he has a Wii!"

Jeremy: Hello
Jason: What's up?
Jeremy: Not much, whatcha up to?
Jason: Let me ask you a question, do you still want this?
Jeremy: You got me a Wii?
Jason: I am scanning my card right now.
Jeremy: I am eating dinner. When I get done I will call you and bring you some money.
Jason: Cool.

That is the kinda friend Jason is. Not that he picked up a Wii for me, but that he actually found one. Once Allison and I figured out how hard it is to find a Wii, we called in the big guns. We have two friends that can get things like this done, Jason and Rusty. Both have a Wii for themselves, and Jason found me one and found another one today. So now that I have one I need to brush up on my guitar skills and then it off to the Rhyne's house for a little showdown. Joey, are you ready? Until next time...


Our Full Life said...

Welcome!!!! Your not going to get anything done now. All I want to do is play guitar hero. We need to have another game night soon. christy

Anonymous said...

Ready when you are...
Joey "Expert" Rhyne