Thursday, February 4, 2010

Will You Pray for Us?

In just over 2 weeks I will be leaving with a group of 5 other guys to go to Africa. We are going on a trip to engage an unreached people group. Our pastor took a trip to the village we will be visiting back in October and saw 19 people accept Christ. Not too long ago a journey girl was back in the village and returned with great news. She said that they meet together every week to sing, dance, pray, and tell stories together. There is also a possibility that we will attempt to find another village of the same people group during one of the days we are there.

For those of you that know me well know that I don't spend a lot of time camping and that I am not well traveled. This trip will definitely have its fair share of these activities. That being said, Allison and I have both felt for sometime that God was calling us to spend time in Africa. We had no idea when or how, but when Mark told the church about this people group we were both excited about the opportunity to be involved.

So, I am looking for people that will commit to pray for us. Please pray for our group as we travel. Please pray for safe travel, for good health during the trip, and that we will be able to make a great impact on the people we will be engaging. Also, pray for each guy on the trip and the impact that it will have on us. I know for me, this will be unlike any trip I have ever taken.

Will you commit to pray for us?


MamaToTyAndTodd said...

We will, of course, be praying for you!!!

Hannah and Hunter's mom said...

We will be praying for all of you!! Can't wait to hear about it when you return.

Matthew Costner said...

hey friend. i commit to praying for you all. please take lots of pictures and let me know how it goes. blessings to you!

Heather said...

Hi. I read your comment on Anne's blog and clicked over. I'll happily pray for you and your group. I was in Senegal over Christmas. I was with a group of 3 women who lived in a village of M*slims for 4 days, and not just any group but those considered the highest leaders/teachers in their religion. We were able to show the J film in their language on Christmas Day. It was the BEST Christmas of my life. We were spiritually attacked on numerous occasions, but God was GOOD and showed up in miraculous ways. I, too, am not a camper and was greatly concerned about that. God provided us with a hut that had a tile floor and indoor squatty potty. I'll pray that He'll provide for you, as well. My main recommendation for you is to be prepared for spiritual warfare, b/c you can GUARANTEE you'll be hit with it. :) I'll pray that He'll keep you safe and provide for all your needs. He allowed us to not only go into the enemy's camp but to sleep in the enemy's hut and leave with the village chief's blessings and invitation to return. May He do the same for you. :) God bless and Godspeed.

I'll, also, add that I felt Him calling me to Africa over 20 yrs ago and broke down into sobs, b/c I couldn't think of going there and leaving my family(I was 16/17 at the time). All these yrs later, He did a major work in my heart and filled me with the desire to go. When I went I was not scared in the least, and I not only left my parents, but my husband and 3 children. It's crazy to say that He gave me my heart's desire by allowing me the chance to go. :) And I'd rtn tomorrow if I could.

J Bussell said...

Thanks for the commitment to praying for us. I apologize for just now responding to you all, but for some reason my notification of comments was being sent to my spam folder. Thanks again, and I can't wait to see what God has in store for us.