Thursday, January 14, 2010

Disaster in Haiti

As all of you know by now there was an earthquake that registered 7.0 that stuck Haiti a few days ago. From what I have read, there are probably tens of thousands of deaths. There is widespread destruction in what is one of the poorest countries on earth. One of the descriptions I read today was "take all of the destruction from the tsunami a few years ago and put that all in an area the size of Dallas/Ft. Worth. Unfortunately, there are many scams going around. I have not heard of any specifically, just that if you are able to give, you should only do so to organizations that you know are legit. One organization that I know is legit is Compassion International.

Compassion sponsors and donors serve more than 65,000 children in Haiti. At least a third of them live in the areas that were hardest hit. You can click here to give to Compassion's Haiti Earthquake Disaster Relief. For more information on how you can help those affected by the Haiti Earthquake you can check out this blog. And for bloggers, there is a lot of information there that you can use to post to your site in order to try to help Compassion raise as much money and awareness as possible for the people of Haiti.

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