Monday, November 23, 2009

Party Time!

After two years of having family and friends over at once for Cooper's birthday, this year we decided to have a party with just his friends and to celebrate with our families separately. Over the past 10 days we have had 3 birthday celebrations for Cooper. Last Saturday we celebrated with Allison's dad and Terri, her aunt, her cousin, and her grandparents. This past Saturday we had his birthday party with his friends and yesterday we celebrated with my mom and dad, my brother and sister-in-law, and my aunt Neecie and her girls, Emily and Amy. Cooper has had a blast and now he probably thinks that his birthday lasts for two weeks.

Some of the kids playing with the "Band in a Box"

I think Cooper really liked his cake

This was actually the second time he blew out the candles

Even the little guys seemed to have a good time


Isn't that just the sweetest face?

Cupcakes at Mammy's

Cooper having fun with his Cars set from Uncle Jared and Aunt BeBe

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