Sunday, August 9, 2009

Everyone Loves a Good Funnel Cake

Yesterday Allison and I took Cooper to the Williamson County Fair. Our friend Derrick and his little girl Hannah joined. This was the first time we had ever take Cooper to the fair and he really enjoyed it. When we go there, we went out into the main area where many of the rides were as well as the games. We put Cooper on his first ride and his first impression wasn't one of joy. We decided, however, that the best thing to do was leave him on the ride and let him push through. He told us he wanted to get on another ride and his reaction to that one was similar, but better than the first. After that ride he was sold though! After that, he would get off of one ride telling us which one he wanted to get on next. We also watched a BMX stunt show, ate pizza, played a water gun racing game, and at last ate funnel cake. To no surprise, mine and Alli's kids loved funnel cake. Overall it was a great time. Below are some of the pics and you can check out Alli's blog to see some more. If you live in Middle Tennessee and you've never been to the Williamson County Fair it is definitely worth the trip.

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