Friday, July 24, 2009

Funny Stuff

For whatever reason, Cooper has recently decided he doesn't want to smile for the camera. Last weekend I tried to take some pictures of him when we were out on the deck and he simply refused to smile. Tonight I got a few of him smiling. I think the main reason was because he loves pizza so much. I also got this video of him. He had been watching Veggie Tales and one of the episodes a gourd dances and he really likes it. I took two videos. One has the Veggie Tales singing in the background. It is the better video, but it is so long it won't upload. The other he said "Hey watch this. I can dance like the Veggie Tales and I got it on video. Enjoy!

Cooper and Buford, fast friends

He loves his pizza!

I guess he was too busy to smile for the camera.

What can I say, the boy's got moves!

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