Thursday, September 4, 2008

Just Me and Cooper

The last few days Cooper and I have been "baching" it. Yesterday he melted down until we got off of the interstate. As we got on the exit, he started signing ABCs and everything seemed to be okay. I picked him up from school and headed home. He was very cranky and cried quite a bit on the way home. After we got home we went for a run. He seemed to really enjoy that as he "read" some books, sat back and enjoyed the ride, and stood up and led the way. After that we had spaghetti and took a bath. We then read several books, said prayers, and I laid him down.

This morning was very similar to yesterday. He was cranky and cried several times on the way to school. Again, as we got off the interstate he seemed to feel better and started singing. Today when I got him from school he was upset. He had just been bitten, just as he was yesterday, and was unhappy about it. When I got him he seemed to feel better and had a good ride home. When we got here I changed clothes and we headed to the park. We climed in the playground and Cooper went down the slide several time. After that we came home and had hot dogs, green beans, apple sauce, and maccaroni and cheese. After dinner, I gave Cooper a bath and again read several books. We said our prayers and he went down for bed.

I just love these times that we have together. It gives me a great appreciation for single parents. As much as I love it, I can't wait for Allison to get home tomorrow. Not that I can't take care of Cooper on my own, it is just a lot easier and much more fun when Allison is home.

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Ashley said...

Jeremy - I'm glad you took good care of Cooper while Allison was in NYC. I'm not happy about the biting incidents though, they need to something about that. Let them know that Ashley isn't going to take that kind of treatment of the cutest little boy she knows . ..