Sunday, September 21, 2008

As Bad As I Can Remember

I have been following University of Tennessee football since I was a little kid. Obviously, as a child I really had no idea, other than I liked them and hoped they won. That being said, I can't remember a team that appears to be as bad and as badly coached as this one.

First, getting beat by a team that was clearly outmatched on paper and on the field (by the way the first half went) was not the way to start the season. It is clear from UCLA's last two games that they are not a very good football team. Second, UT had trouble through three quarters with a team that, again, was clearly outmatched. The final score did not indicate how poorly the team played. Then we come to yesterday. Tennessee was obviously outmatched. Florida won the game when they stepped off of the team bus at Neyland Stadium. All the press that the Florida players got from the statements they made through the week was clearly an indication of where this program is currently. Why would they respect Tennessee? Tennessee was totally out-coached. If a person looked only at stats, it would appear that at the very least you had a competitive ball game. If you watched the game, that clearly was not the case.

I have never been on the "fire Fulmer" bandwagon. I do not believe that simply because you have a bad season you should be fired. However, I do believe that this coaching staff does not have a good handle on what it takes to win in this league. A 5-6 season two years ago, and staring at the same kind of season this year has me wondering if I want to reserve a seat on that bandwagon. I bet there aren't a lot of seats left after yesterday.


Allison Bussell said...

I'm on the bandwagon. If there aren't any seats left, you can have mine and I will sit in your lap. It's time for a shakeup. A long overdue one.

Ashley said...

I hated to see the Tennesse players faces on Saturday. In the midst of the hype it helps me to remember that these are 18-21 year old kids for the most part. I guess Fulmer's performance lately gives credence to the line of thought that you should go out while you're still on top?

JASON said...

Going to take the high road here. Maybe they will get it together like last year. They do seem to be a team you can never truly count out. Until then another bandwagon seems to be forming... we will welcome you.