Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Conversations With Cooper - Part 9

As I've mentioned recently, Allison and I have been making smoothies for breakfast. There are various flavor combinations that we are using and Cooper generally wants some as well. Today we had chocolate banana and so I made him one too.

Over the weekend Allison went to an even at church and heard a nutritionist speak. One thing she mentioned was that fresh spinach is good to put into smoothies because it adds some vegetables and doesn't alter the taste. My first thought this morning was to make Cooper's without spinach, but I decided to go ahead thinking that because it is blended well he wouldn't notice. As he was drinking it I asked him if it was good.

Me: How's you smoothie Coop?
Cooper: Good. What's that green stuff in it?
Me: (As Allison turns her head and starts to laugh) Huh? Green stuff? I'm not sure. Is it good.
Cooper: Yeah.
Me: I don't think there's green stuff in there.
Cooper: Yeah there is. I'm looking straight at it. (much more laughing from Allison)
Me: Is it good?
Cooper: Yeah.
Me: Oh well. Don't worry about it then.

You can't get anything past him. He pays major attention to detail. Thankfully I didn't have to tell him there was spinach in the drink or he would never drink one again.

What have you tried to get past your kids recently that didn't work out as well as you planned?

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