Thursday, January 5, 2012

We're Gonna Do What?

Well, it's official. Me, Allison, a co-worker of Allison's, a law school classmate of Allison's, a spouse of a co-worker of Allison's, and one yet to be determined member have signed up for the Rouge Orleans, a 126.2 mile ultra marathon. We talked about it last year, but didn't act on it. As of yesterday we are registered. Now comes the hard part, training and racing. This is unlike any race we've ever done before. In this race each of the 6 team members will run 5 legs of 3-5 miles. While Allison and I have ran 3-5 miles many times, we've never done it 5 times in a 20 hour period. We are really excited about this though. It will be a great experience, the team is full of great people, and we get to see of great friends the Becks. As crazy as it may sound, I can't wait!


Byron Hill said...

I agree. You guys are crazy! :)

Ashley said...

I'm really looking forward to it! And by "it", I do mean watching y'all endure it. :-) It will be fun!

J Bussell said...

I'm wondering that myself, Byron.

But, Ashley, although I am wondering if we are crazy, we are excited to be coming down for the race.

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