Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Conversations with Cooper

I know this usually comes on Thursdays, but this week "Conversations with Cooper" is brought to you on Tuesday, sponsored by the letter C and the number 4.

I've written recently about Cooper's new found love of Jeeps. This obsession love for jeeps hasn't waned, as evidenced by our recent conversation.

Lately Cooper is not so much of a morning person. We typically wake him up with just enough time to get ready and get out the door at or about the time Allison and I like to leave. We don't mind letting him sleep (we actually wish he could sleep until he woke up on his own), but if we want to get to work on time we don't have this option. After he got out of bed and got his clothes on he met me in the bathroom to brush his teeth and hair. As I was brushing his hair we had this conversation:

Me: Did you ask your mom if she would cut your hair into a mohawk? (Side note: while washing his hair at bath time recently I have been putting his hair in a mohawk. One night he asked if we could cut his hair into a mohawk and I suggested he ask his mom. I am sure you all know how that turned out.)
Cooper: (in a very low whisper-y voice) No. I don't want a mohawk any more.
Me: You don't? Why not?
Cooper: I just don't. But I still want to get a jeep.

I don't really know why he thought of that or what it had to do with a mohawk. Maybe he was just wanting to make sure I didn't forget that he wants us to get a jeep.

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