Thursday, August 11, 2011

Conversation With Cooper

I am often amazed at some if the things Cooper comes up with. Then I remember what I often tell people when they are surprised at the things kids say or do. "They are people too, just smaller with fewer life experiences."

Sunday we stopped by our favorite I've cream place on the way home from church. Unfortunately, the place doesn't open until 2pm on Sunday and it was only noon. As we discussed our options Cooper didn't really give much input, but later it was obvious he was listening. As we were trying to figure out what to do I jokingly (not totally) complained that I had hoped to get ice cream twice that day because our original plan was to get Menchie's after dinner instead of trip to Glazee after lunch.

After we got home I was sitting in the reading room while Cooper was playing in his room. He came out and stood next to me.

Me: What's up Coop?

Cooper: Nothing. Well, I was thinking maybe we could play in the sprinkler and then go to Sonic for ice cream.

Me: But we're going to Menchie's after dinner.

Cooper: We aren't getting both?

He is so funny. First "I was thinking that..." totally cracked me up. But he was totally listening to Allison and I earlier in the day when I mentioned that I thought we were going to get ice cream twice. I tell you what, nothing gets by that one!

Do you have any funny "isms" that your kids have said recently?


Hannah and Hunter's mom said...

Wednesday morning Hunter said, "Mom, I not got to the Lighthouse today, I go to the pool." He said it with a serious face and his finger pointed. I liked his plan.

J Bussell said...

That is hilarious. I like his plan too!

Hepzibah The Watchman said...

Yes I have one. I was babysitting my three year old grandson, Jack. He sidled up to me on the couch and said - "You smell like Nana."

I thought this was funny because I am his Nana.

Ashley said...

Although this also goes in the disrespectful category, I did laugh a little to myself after she said it. I had to fuss at Charlotte over the weekend and when I was finished I said, "Charlotte, do you understand mama?" She said, "Mama. That not nice to speak to me in that tone of voice!"
I made sure she knew that I could indeed talk to her in that tone of voice, but it was funny because I tell her that all. the. time.