Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Making Good Progress

It's been almost two weeks since my last update about the progress on the house. The last time I posted about the house Derrick and I had almost completed the bottom cabinets and the floor company had just finished the floors. Well we've now painted the entire upstairs except for Cooper's room (which will not be painted); put in new shoe mould; moved about 1/4 of our boxes and all furniture except for our TV, armoire, and what furniture we are using at the Hood's; Derrick and I have moved the bottom cabinets upstairs; and we put a new door in the laundry room. We've done other things here and there, but that's the majority of what we've completed over the last two weeks. There have been several LATE nights, but we've gotten a lot done. Allison went a few days ago and picked out our counter tops and sink. The company is coming on Tuesday to measure for the counter tops and they told her it would be one to two weeks after that when they will come to install them. This weekend we are planning to move the remaining boxes as well as the TV and armoire. I am also hoping to get my dad to help me tile the laundry room floor.

These rooms turned out better than I thought they would

There's still work to be done on them, but the cabinets are up and mounted in the kitchen

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