Monday, August 23, 2010

House Hunting

I guess this subject is as good as any to break my 3 month blogging hiatus.

Allison and I put our house on the market back in the middle of June. Exactly 8 weeks later we had a contract on our house, which in this market was definitely a blessing. As people learned that we had sold our house we started hearing things like, "you're in the driver's seat now," and "oh, now comes the fun part," and the one I have heard for months "this is a buyers market." Well let me say, this has not been fun at all for me. And because it hasn't been fun, and actually has been extremely stressful for me, it has caused extra stress on Allison.

Apparently what I consider a buyer's market and what others think is a buyer's market are not the same thing. My thought of a buyer's market is that people do not list their houses for more than they are worth, and if they do, they don't expect to sell them for more than they are worth. This also hasn't been our experience. We have made offers on three houses and have not gotten any of them. The first was listed far less that it was worth and we weren't the best offer. Fair enough. The other two offers we made, however, were fair offers. Apparently these sellers just weren't ready to sell their houses.

Oh well. A place for us to live is out there. It may just be in Heather and Derrick's garage for the time being.


John At LifeWay said...

Make sure you don't miss out on houses for sale by owner. They are by nature trying to save money, and you may be able to get a great deal.

Kristina Levy said...

You guys can have our house. I'm ready to move. And we'll go live in Heather and Derrick's garage! There is a house down the street from us for sale...just sayin.

J Bussell said...

Thanks for the info, John. I will definitely check that out.