Saturday, June 14, 2008


For the 14th time Tiger Woods has a 54 hole lead in a major championship. The past 13 times have ended in a major championship victory for Tiger. On Friday I told Allison that I was cheering for Lefty to win. That hasn't changed, but since he had a 9 on number 13 today and he is 13 strokes back, the chances of him winning are zero. Therefore, I will be in my chair cheering on Eldrick. Hopefully his knee holds up and he can hold onto his one stroke lead.


Allison Bussell said...


Brandon Family said...

Hey Jeremy,
I normally don't pull for Ol' Tigger either, but I do respect him (before this win and definately after) and when I heard about how bad his knee was bothering him I wanted him to win also. Hope you guys are doing well. Sounds like you are.
Brad Brandon

JASON said...

Traitor huh? Well even though he is a lefty which is a plus... he is still a choke artist! Can you say nine? Ouch!